Chrome (Black, Simple Text) - 20 Labels Per Lot

Chrome (Black, Simple Text) - 20 Labels Per Lot
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Product Description

Stickers show tampering when removed or damaged, leaving behind a VOID print.
Each lot includes 20 stickers (order 1 lot and receive 20 stickers. Order 5 lots and receive 100 stickers, etc).



  • Dimensions: 2 inches by 3/4 inches (50.8mm x 19mm).
  • These stickers show tampering when removed or damaged. Labels leave behind in chrome or white adhesive a "VOID VOID VOID" pattern when removed. They are impossible to replace after removal.
  • Labels read in black ink on chrome back:
  • Our chrome labels are heat evident, meaning flame or other high heat source brought near them will activate the void print. Users cannot remove these labels by heating them.
  • Consider the cost of one false warranty claim!